Public Sector

All governments share the competing responsibilities of serving taxpayers while ensuring that they achieve value for money. Our experts understand the unique challenges of operating efficiently at all levels of government. Our Public Sector clients count on us to help reduce the cost of running public services while increasing customer satisfaction. The PrimaSoft approach delivers the maximum returns while transforming existing operations into customer- and performance-driven services.

Public Sector organizations in the United States are charged with providing reliable, high-quality, accessible public services — without increasing cost.

PrimaSoft senior consultants provide expertise in the following to a wide variety of Public Sector organizations.

  • IT service performance
  • Cost assessment/benchmarking
  • Procurement, and project management
  • Sourcing strategy development
  • Cloud computing assessments and procurement
  • ERP administration systems business case and budget development
  • Outsourcing

Clients look to PrimaSoft for unique insights in designing and implementing the latest in hardware and software technology and creating innovative solutions to leverage it.